Construction contracts

UAB Autokausta has the right to perform special construction works under the certificate (No 3532) issued to the company by the Ministry of Environment entitling to perform the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, civil engineering (communications), utilities (gas, water supply, heat supply, sewage removal, electricity up to 10 kV), electronic communications infrastructure, sports, utility engineering structures, cultural heritage and other structures of special-purpose.

UAB Autokausta builds and installs monolithic concrete walls, floors, columns, beams, strip and drilled foundations, polished concrete floors, installs reinforced concrete and metal structures, demolishes buildings and performs a variety of earth-moving and transfer operations

Production of concrete and aggregates

UAB Autokausta produces concrete mixtures the composition of which is developed in the Department of Building Materials of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), complying with all requirements of LST EN 206-1:2000. This is guaranteed by the certification of compliance issued by the Construction Products Certification Centre (No SPSC-4588). To continuously maintain the high quality of products, the scientific laboratory of construction materials and structures of KTU performs periodic tests of concrete mixtures and determination of their class, compressive strength, resistance to cold and water permeability.

Production of concrete mixtures is carried out on three independent autonomous modernised concrete units and in two independent power inputs, which eliminate the risk of power shortage. Thus, UAB Autokausta ensures continuous production and supply of concrete mixtures. The hourly capacity of one concrete unit is about 60 m3

Road construction and repair

UAB Autokausta is certified for road construction and repair. We quickly and efficiently perform the construction of both state and local roads. Roads are designed, constructed, built, reconstructed, repaired and maintained in accordance with the laws, regulations, and in compliance with construction technical documentation. We also organize road maintenance in winter, clean the snow from the roads, spray substances on slippery roads and provide slipping mitigation and de-icing measures in cases of oil spills or other contamination on the roads, increased slippery of driveways and other situations, and perform the road maintenance during the thaw. We can perform the inspections of roads and structures to verify their condition, and if necessary, to carry out special inspections. We take care of trees and other plantations growing in the traffic lanes, remove dried-up trees, posing danger to traffic safety.

Asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion production

In 2012 UAB Autokausta devoted significant resources for the acquisition and upgrade of asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion production equipment and already in September 2012 launched the most modern and largest asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion plant in Lithuania. Its capacity is 100 tons of asphalt per hour. Our asphalt concrete is certified and meets all quality requirements, which are strictly controlled in laboratories. Currently, we produce the following asphalt concrete mixtures SMA 11 S, AC 11 VN, AC 11 VS, AC 11 AN, AC 16 AS, AC 16 PD, AC 16 AN AC 22 PN, AC 22 PS , AC 22 AS, AC 32 PS, which are constantly being improved, and new mixtures are created. Thanks to the bitumen production plant, which is based on the asphalt emulsion manufacturing unit, we supply various bitumen grades, i.e. both slow and fast curing. Top quality bitumen emulsion meets all environmental requirements.

Production of metal structures

In its metal structure and paint factory UAB Autokausta manufactures various metal structures (up to 24 m), metal trusses, columns, reinforcing frames, carcasses and networks, and performs sheet metal cutting, bending and welding operations. In our metal structure factory we can produce various non-standard small and large sized metal products and structures.

Construction equipment hire and vehicle rental

UAB Autokausta has a large fleet of vehicles and construction machinery. Our company uses exclusively its own construction machinery and equipment for construction, road building and repairs. This allows a significant reduction in our service prices. Concrete produced in UAB Autokausta concrete plant can be delivered to customers in dumpsters or vehicle concrete mixers. Concrete is discharged using vehicle concrete pumps and conveyors, thus improving the work efficiency. We hire cranes, towers, bulldozers, excavators and other construction machinery for various construction applications. Our asphalt pavers, trembler rollers and cutters are widely used in road construction and repair.

Painting workshop

UAB Autokausta has its own paint shop, where it can perform different painting tasks according to customer preferences. The painting room size and capabilities allows us to ensure high quality and paint large structures in a very short period of time. Painted structures can be up to 18 meters long and their height is up to 5 meters. We also paint a variety of construction machinery: dump trucks, cranes, excavators etc.

Other activities

UAB Autokausta is not limited to the above-stated operations and is successfully involved in various projects. One of them is successful public tender and the contract of PI Kaunas Region Waste Management Centre, according to which UAB Autokausta produced 30 thousand plastic compost containers for composting household biodegradable waste. Private home owners of the Kaunas city and Kaunas district use these containers since 2012.


Implemented projects

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